How to choose your size - Adults

There are two styles of dryrobe® Advance (long and short sleeved), but the size you need may depend on the activity you’ll use it for the most. To help you choose we’ve put together two guides, one using a dryrobe® to get changed in and one for general use (not for getting changed in).

Interactive Size Finder

Please use our quick and easy Size Finder tool to find the right size dryrobe® for you.

Sizing Charts

The size you need may depend on the activity you'll use it for the most.  Would you like to get changed in your dryrobe®?

Yes, I need to change inside the dryrobe®


No, I do not need to change inside the dryrobe®


Garment Dimensions

This garment dimension chart should only be used for reference if you are still unclear on what size dryrobe® you need, or if you want to know how long or wide it will be.

Show garment dimensions+

Examples of fit:

dryrobe size charts

The sizing graph above features the Long Sleeve dryrobe® Advance. The length and change space is the same for the Short Sleeve dryrobe® Advance.

If you’re at all unsure please contact us and a member of our friendly customer service team will be happy to help.

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