dryrobe becomes first UK company to #OptOutside

Blog - dryrobe becomes first UK company to #OptOutside

dryrobe becomes first UK company to #OptOutside

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We chose to ‘opt outside’ for Black Friday this year, giving staff a paid day off and not taking part in the insane sales that took place across the rest of the UK.

 We announced on our social media that they would be stepping away from the office and instead spending the day in the great outdoors, using the hashtag #OptOutside. Hundreds of people were encouraged to do the same, enjoying the beaches, rivers and other outdoor attractions throughout the UK.


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The company’s ethos was behind the decision not to participate in Black Friday. We actively promote an outdoor lifestyle opposed to consumerism and excess, and offer their products at the best possible price year round, rather than produce sales stock.

 Whilst we were the first company in the UK to give employees a paid day off on Black Friday, we were inspired by US outdoor gear and apparel retailer REI, who took the same approach for the second time this year. Their first year saw 2.7 million people who pledged to participate across America; we hope to inspired a similar revolution in the United Kingdom.


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Gideon Bright, Founder of dryrobe® said: “For us, it was an easy decision to close the office and #OptOutside for Black Friday. The sales simply don't fit in with what we are about or reinforce any ideal we aspire to promote.”

 “To see so many people #OptOutside and enjoy the outdoors was fantastic. We received images of people who swapped the shops for the sea, the frenzy for fields, the sales for the sand, as well as much more.

 “We're not expecting to change the world, but we hope that we can inspire others to be outside and enjoy the opportunities, fun and challenges it provides.”


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