What’s with the dryrobe zip?

What’s with the dryrobe zip?

The YKK® Zip is a chunky two-way reversible zip, which means you can operate it with your arms either inside or outside. You can also partially un-zip it from the bottom to allow more movement if needed for: changing, walking, sitting or driving. There’s also an easy to grab, branded pull tag too.

The versatility of the zip is what makes it so easy to get in or out of the dryrobe, while you have all your kit on.

How to operate the zip:

  1. Make sure the bottom puller is fully at the bottom of the zip
  2. Then seat the top puller into the top of the bottom puller
  3. Insert the zip and pull the top zipper up
  4. To open more of the lower section to make changing, walking, sitting or driving easier pull the bottom zipper up
  5. To open up the dryrobe both zippers must be moved to the bottom of the garment


The zip can sometimes become stiff due to a build-up of saltwater. If this happens you just use a bit of silicon spray in the zipper which will free it up.

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