Jonathan Albon

Training and Kit Advice from an Obstacle Race World Champion - Jon Albon

As a 5 X OCR World Champion and the current World Trail Running and Ultra Skyrunning World Champion, Jonathan Albon knows how to prepare for an event! Tom Wheatley from Get Sweat Go spoke to dryrobe...


We’re proud to announce that we’re renewing our relationship with Jonathan Albon as a brand ambassador. Now 4x OCR World Champion, he...


It's here. One of the biggest events in the Obstacle Course Racing season has arrived - it's time for World's Toughest Mudder....


The Spartan Race World Championship is the highlight of the Spartan obstacle racing season. Taking place on the weekend of September 30 - October...


This weekend saw a huge event in the OCR calendar, with the Toughest race series coming to the UK. The race was...

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