Luke Tyburski's 500 Man Challenge

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Luke Tyburski's 500 Man Challenge

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Luke Tyburski is getting ready for his latest epic challenge and is inviting everyone to join him! Over the weekend of 7th/8th of July Luke is taking on a self-created 500 kilometre triathlon. He's inviting everyone to be part of his 500 Man challenge by swimming, cycling, and running alongside him for as little or as much as you like.

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Over the years Luke has done challenges all around the world, had them streamed live, had award winning documentaries made about them, and shared his journey on social media. This time around he wanted to create an adventure where people could actually join in and share this experience alongside him!

The 500 Man is a communal event, so Luke wants YOU to be part of this epic challenge, along with your own friends and family - his message is bring them all!

Luke will be raising awareness & money for The 401 Foundation, a charity that supports causes close to his heart; mental health and self development.
Donate Here – (, dryrobeterritory, luke, tyburski, 500 man, challenge, run, swim, cycle, triathlon

Luke will also have a live tracker where you can send him messages, and see where he is in real time, for both the bike and run legs.
Bike Tracker
Run Tracker
Alternatively, follow him on social media to stay up to date on his progress: