Four years of Ultra-OCR Racing and dryrobe in Evan Perperis’ newest book

Blog - Four years of Ultra-OCR Racing and dryrobe in Evan Perperis’ newest book

Four years of Ultra-OCR Racing and dryrobe in Evan Perperis’ newest book

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If you have ever done an endurance event you know the feeling out on the racecourse. Your body aches, your mind screams for you to stop and all you want to do is get comfortable. Of course, you put all these thoughts on hold temporarily to cross that finish line before you pull on your dryrobe. Our friend Evan “Ultra-OCR Man” Perperis, knows this feeling as well as anyone else and has brought his dryrobe to almost every Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) event over his 44 career podium finishes and record-setting ultra-endurance challenges.

Evan Perperis racing through mud

In his latest book, 'Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record Setting Professional Obstacle Course Racer', Evan takes us through his journey as an unathletic child to a career in the US Army Special Forces into the world of Ultra-OCR.

Although not very good at any sport growing up, Evan’s persistence eventually gave him a well-rounded base for when he found OCR. He took this persistence and lessons learned from 44 months of combat deployments to excel in the sport of Ultra-OCR, the extreme side of the sport focused on races that are 5-24 hours in length.

Evan Perperis Toughest Podium

Instead of just going with the natural flow of the sport, he set out to run several self-created ultra-endurance challenges raising over $12,500 for charity over the last couple of years. Included in these challenges (some of which you may have previously read about on the dryrobe blog) were:

  • 2016’s OCR America: Seven days of marathon length OCR in a row
  • 2017’s Ultra-OCR Grand Slam: Attempting to finish on the podium of all four 24 hour OCRs in the USA
  • 2018’s Endure The Gauntlet: 48 hours of endurance OCR on the hardest short course series in the USA
  • 2019’s OCRmill 24: 24 hours of treadmill running and obstacles

Evan Perperis 24 OCR True Grit

Throughout all of these plus a busy race schedule that included events like CBS televised races, regional championships and world championships, dryrobe has been there every step of the way. Here’s what he has to say about the most versatile, warmest and most advanced change robe in the world:

“I got my first dryrobe back in 2016 as I was preparing for OCR America, a seven day, seven venue charity event I created where I planned on running a full marathon of OCR every day for a full week. Since then my dryrobe comes with me everywhere and I know own several more, one for my wife and one for my dad to use when he operates as my pit crew. I can’t say enough good things about the dryrobe, the brand and the people working for the company.”

Evan Perperis - pegatron

Buy your copy of his book today, throw on your dryrobe and snuggle up for an entertaining read through the world of endurance sports. Best of all, 100% of the profits from the hard copy book sales go to the charity Folds of Honor, who provide scholarship money to children whose parents were killed or wounded in military service. If you like war stories, the power of consistency and persistence, extreme sports or just want a good read, we'd recommend picking up a copy today.

Hard copy available here

Digital copy available exclusively through Amazon Kindle here