Cheers then, Goodbye August, It has been intense, so yeah, I had a little thinking time out, but, Hello September!

It has always been one of my favorite months, ever since I can remember It has been a month of new beginnings. Also, the start of some proper swell.

Anyway .. Still tend to announce the news on twitter first & I posted a tweet a couple of hours ago. I can’t say too much but the 140 characters, summed up what I can say pretty well…
“August has been a big month. September is set be another level. 3 massive stories to come & a big name in business set to join our journey.”
We have the team back at full strength, along with a new full time staff member, our first US Expo & its a huge one!! (yes with stock on its way now!), partnerships with some of Europe’s biggest events & some pretty damn fun product news just around the corner.

We have a kind of fresh start in September, refreshed & excited. Oh & yes about that business partner, probably the biggest news yet,.. but that has to wait just a little bit longer. :)

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