8 reasons why Dryrobe is the World’s best changing robe.

Blog - 8 reasons why Dryrobe is the World’s best changing robe.

8 reasons why Dryrobe is the World’s best changing robe.

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Let’s take a look at the reasons why some of the World’s most respected water safety experts and biggest brands, including RedBull & Mercedes-Benz, choose to work with dryrobe & find out why it has become the industry standard for a huge range of sporting events.

red bull dryrobe

Official RedBull - dryrobe

The Concept.

Dryrobe is all about warmth. Staying warm while changing, standing around waiting to compete or train. It’s about getting warm after being cold & staying warm.

The details.

Our confidence in continued innovation along with the fact that we have protected our designs from imitation, means that we are happy to share this information in the hope it will help people trying to decide what product might best suit their needs & explain some of the thinking behind the design processes.

The Dryrobe is the best change robe in the world. We use our own synthetic lambs wool lining inside that will dry you while keeping you warm! The outer shell is a waterproof fabric that keeps you dry while changing or hanging about. It can be used for many sports and outdoor activities inc. swimming, surfing & climbing through to camping & spectating. Dryrobe can come with long or short sleeves & both have been designed to make it easy to pull your arms up and in to and get changed inside. The Dryrobe can come in various colours and sizes. It can be used for simply a warm coat on a wet day or for changing outdoors in after any activity.

Once you have a dryrobe you will not believe how many times you will use it.

Sierra Blair Coyle - climb deep water solo | dryrobe

Dryrobe Advance DWS Sierra Blair Coyle

So what are the features & benefits that make dryrobe the best change robe money can buy.

1. Warmth

This is the single most important reason that the dryrobe came into existence. A simple realisation that there was a need to find a way to stay warm while changing outdoors. We experimented, we refined & we have the ultimate solution to warm changing outdoors. Details below

There is no comparison. Try them out on a cold day.
Dryrobe is the Warmest most advanced & versatile change robe in the world. #fact

2. dryrobe 100% Waterproof outer shell fabric:

The most important action you can take to start recovery from cold is to get out of the wind, get dry & warm. Our outer shell is constructed using one huge sheet of fabric to eliminate shoulder seams, the outer shell fabric is 100%water proof and completely windproof, with minimal double stitched seams. All the dryrobe Advance seams are heat sealed.

3. dryrobe has a full length zip front:

We use a super strong  chunky YKK Zipper.
Fast & easy entry & exit also you can simply wrap it around you & take it on or off easily. it is a very important point.

Lets look at why this is important.

What are some of the options?

Over the head access: This is definitely not suitable for lifeguards, surf-lifesavers due to ease & speed of exit & is very awkward for anyone else.

3/4 zip: This eases the issue slightly but is still essentially an over the head access.

Mark Foster (with Adam Walker, of Oceans 7 fame, after his dryrobe) at Swim Expo #dryrobe

4. The dryrobe moisture control lining:

Dryrobe uses a synthetic lambswool which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm. It does not absorb but wicks water off skin, so you can put it on a wet wetsuit & it wont get wet as it does not absorb water, then when you take the wetsuit off inside the dryrobe, or as soon as it touches wet skin, it will warm you by drawing any moisture away from the skin into the heat insulating pile of the lining & remove the moisture through the natural venting due to the garments construction. It NEVER feels cold against the skin even after repeated use throughout the day & is super fast drying in ambient room temperature & outdoors. Dryrobe can be used indoors too. They were used around the pools by Team GB swimmers at the Commonwealth games due to the warm fast drying properties.

What are some of the options?

Cotton Toweling: is very absorbent & will feel great against the skin, We use this for our spring Summer towel dryrobes. It will dry you very well providing it is a good quality. BUT .. & note.. Cotton toweling is the worst thing you can put on a cold wet person if you are trying to get them warm. You should never stand around in a towel robe outdoors if you are cold. The toweling absorbs water & keeps it close to your skin, combine this with a breeze & you are cooling down very quickly. They are great for drying yourself but get covered up after use if you are feeling cold. Cotton toweling always requires drying after use & therefore is not suitable as a lining for outdoor change robes.

Polyester microfibre: They are not as absorbent as a cotton towel but they do absorb water & hold it close to the skin. They do not wick moisture away from the skin. It costs less than cotton toweling, it is faster drying that cotton toweling but the ‘slippy / sticky, cold feel’ is often off-putting when using this type of towel. If used as a lining it is not fast drying & should be dried between uses.

Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton RedBull Surfing sponsored surfer dryrobe

RedBull Surfing dryrobe – Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton

5. dryrobe design

We do have a long sleeve version which will suit users who want a more conventional look & intend to stand around in the dryrobe for long periods of time. This is designed so that it functions in exactly the same way for changing inside as our original short sleeve design.

Our short, mid -3/4 length, sleeve design is a massive improvement to the more conventional, old style, square shape robe which provides no warmth for the arms & allows wind & cold air into the change space.The unique designs provide simple entry and exit of your arms whilst changing & the sleeve covers the opening when your arms are inside. This protects from the wind chill and rain. Once you are changed and your hands are buried in the deep outer ‘warm lined’ pockets your arms are almost completely covered too (for women it also stops you accidentally flashing your chest to the world).
The whole garment is made from one huge sheet of fabric, then the hood is added to keep the seams to a minimum & maximise strength & waterproofing. No shoulder seams!
This thing is one tough bit of kit, designed to last.

Team inov8 OCR dryrobe

Team Inov-8 OCR branded dryrobe

6. Value for money

At first glance the dryrobe can appear to be a costly version of the basic towel change robe. The features listed are what sets it apart from the competition. We have customers still using the dryrobes they purchased over three years ago! Compare that to any other tech kit, be it a wetsuit or even a pair of trainers. The (almost) £100 price tag for the dryrobe advance is a considered purchase but, the difference the dryrobe makes to your outdoor activities really mean that when you factor in cost per use & the additional motivation you get from knowing you wont get cold changing,  I honestly believe there is no single £100 purchase that gives you better value for money. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies but every now & then you get a that & a bit more.

7. Awards & endorsements

Our dryrobes are used by the Royal life saving society,  leading water safety experts & lifeguards throughout the world. They are used for some of the most high-profile events by the worlds biggest & best known brands including Mercedes-Benz & Red Bull.

In Sport our products are used by Team GB (Brownlee brothers included) at ITU grand final London. Team GB kit for Swimmers at the Commonwealth Games & Team GB Canoe to name a few.

Dryrobe is widely used for Surfing (where it all started) windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Surf lifesaving, Camping, Mountain biking, Motocross, Diving & OCR. In fact our dryrobes are used now in almost all outdoor activities & the list is still growing.

8. Reviews & real customer comments

In the short time dryrobe has been in existence we have gained quite a reputation for quality. Nothing tells you more about a products that the comments of people actually using them. The products are built on our customer comments. By that I mean we listen & make improvements. We are committed to producing the best possible products. Check out our 5 star ratings & customer comments .

Please Check our reviews on the website HERE, visit our facebook page, read the Amazon reviews & search online to check for yourself.

The dryrobe is the best change robe in the world.