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This morning as I was using my beard trimmer (not my favorite admission, or pastime), I was reminded of a bit advice my grandad gave to me once. “Always buy the best you can afford” he said.  In one ear & out the other, as was the way for most of the advice I have ever been given, and then these little life lessons get learned & you remember the person who told you. Anyway, my good old beard trimmer broke, so I bought a cheap one, as I was feeling annoyed at having dropped it & costing myself the expense of replacing it. Needless to say, it is next to useless & I know that each time i use it, it depresses me because not only does it not function very well but it feels cheap & badly made. I will now replace it as the pain of using it has outweighed the pain of spending the additional money on a quality product.

It never occurred to me at the time of purchase, even though this was not the first time I have been caught out, that using an inferior product would be such a bad experience.

It works both ways though. The things I have bought which I considered to be ‘treating myself’, or just buying it because I really wanted it, have always had a very positive effect on me when I use them.

I never switch on the mac,  put on my custom fit Snugg wetsuit, get in the VW or grab my surfboard & think, I wish I’d saved some money & got something cheaper.

It seems that in most cases it is true that you get what you pay for. Quality design & production are going to increase the price of whatever the item is, BUT,  cost shouldn’t be the only consideration.
Just think about how you will feel using whatever it is that you buy.

Quality does cost, but is it the money or is it the overall experience, functionality and ultimately the sense of self-worth of your own judgement, that will be the price you pay over time for the choice you make?

I won’t try to turn it into an ad for the Dryrobe, but I will say, think about the money, because we all have to, but also think about the job you are expecting a product to do before you buy it & get the best you can afford.

So my thought on this is to surround yourself with quality whenever possible. You wont regret it.

#dryrobe Get changed. Stay warm.