What other people say

What people say is, without question, THE best advertisement for your products. It doesn’t matter what you spend on flashy ads & marketing, if the product isn’t delivering on its promises, it will be destined to fail. The upside of this is, of course, that if there is a product or service, however obscure or ‘underground’ it is, it can, and naturally will, generate a following.

The amount of positive feedback for our #dryrobe outdoor change robes has been all but overwhelming. I spent the best part of the morning putting together a testimonials page.Now there are orders to get out & lots of calls to make & emails to tap out & to add to that the sun is out & the great outdoors is calling.

BUT.. This is what it’s all about. What other people say about your products. Facebook & twitter are just great for finding out what people think & I can honestly say that it has been a complete surprise to realize just how rewarding the customer comments can be.

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