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Facebook, Twitter and pretty much every website has been going wild about Hurricane Hercules this week. Huge swells have hit our coastline causing deviation and reshaping our shores for a long time to come. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and Hercules happened to bring some epic surf with him.

New surf spots have been popping up all round the coast, and the UK’s surfers have been exploring up and down the coastline. We followed team surfer Stuart Campbell to Lynmouth on Monday for the best waves that Hercules has had to offer in Devon. Stu was later joined by European longboarding champion and Dryrobe fan Ben Skinner and Ripcurl rider Marcus Lascelles.

“Lynmouth is always exciting because you never know exactly what your going to get up there, until you pop out of the valley and see what’s on offer. It was hard to tell how big it was at high tide, but you could tell that it was big because it wasn’t breaking in its usual places. I had it all to myself for about an hour and a half, before Ben, Marcus, Josh Ward and a few others joined me. I had a go on the high tide right, but it wasn’t working too well and was closing out because the left was so big on the outside. I paddled up to the left where it was big and clean, a bit tricky to get the take off right but easily double overhead.” said Stu.

“It’s cool to see a lot of guys exploring different sports, especially with the big tides that we have conveniently had at the same time. There have been loads of photos on facebook of numerous spots causing controversy, I can’t wait to check out some more places this week! Because the swell has been around for so long it has given people the opportunity to search around for the best spots, whereas usually it is so short-lived that you just go to the spots that you know will be working.”

Here are some of the shots from Mondays session, RIP Stu’s piranha board.