What’s with the dyrobe zip?

Blog - What’s with the dyrobe zip?

What’s with the dyrobe zip?

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There are many features to talk about with the Dryrobe® Advance Tri-Series. We are proud to have designed the World’s best & most versatile outdoor change robe. Lots of time, effort & testing has gone into this product & the zip access is one of the features that, at first glance, might be underestimated. Don’t miss a trick here, the zip is an essential element of the design. It’s not at all obvious until you give it some thought.

dryrobe easy entry YKK zip

Here is the fact to note: The zip allows you to get in or out of the Dryrobe® while you have all your kit on.

This would simply not be practical with a pull over the head access, which is pretty much the accepted standard for ordinary change robes. The Dryrobe zip access has big advantages, whatever your chosen sport.

If you are using swim caps & goggles, you can easily see the benefit. Not immediately apparent, at first look , is the fact that the same applies to wetsuit hoods, bike helmets, helmet mounts, kayak helmets, and to a certain extent, gloves & additional clothing or equipment. We are working with athletes in so many varied outdoor sports that the value of this feature has become very apparent.

Whether training or competing you want to get changed & go without having to re-adjust anything. There are certain rituals for every one, there are checks & tweaks & then when you are set & ready to go, you can can just go.

dryrobe onboard | RedBull Custom dryrobe

Equally, when you finish or simply need to keep warm between heats & during rest periods, you need to be able to throw the Dryrobe on straight away, without pulling off elements of your kit first.  You simply grab it & sling it around you & start your recovery straight away.

It’s worth repeating. The zip allows you to get in or out of the Dryrobe® while you have all your kit on, this would simply not be practical with a pull over the head access.

What about when your hands are so cold they won’t function?  (A feeling I know well from surfing through many a UK winter).

If you know its going to be freezing cold when you get out of the water, get changed in it as usual but when you un-zip to go, leave the zip hooked up at the bottom & step out. Simple! (But again, not obvious).

When you come back to it, step in & pull it round you & zip it up using the easy to grab pull tag.  Use this approach when you have ‘claw hands’ from cold water . Once you are in it & warmed up or changed you have the benefit of the zip to get out or adjust & use as required.

dryrobe YKK zip

Dryrobe YKK® Zip

The Zip itself is a YKK® Zip is a two-way reversible zip, which means you can operate it with your arms either inside or outside. You can also partially un-zip it from the bottom to allow more movement if needed for walking, sitting or driving. There is an easy to grab, branded pull tag too.

You will find your own ways of using the Dryrobe & you will never be cold changing outdoors again.

This really is the most versatile outdoor change robe. Whatever your sport. #nevergetcold