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Here is a copy of the review the Dryrobe Advance got in Sport Diver Magazine. A Friend suggested that this might be a good product for the diving world. I think he might be right….

Sport Diver - Dryrobe review

Sport Diver – Dryrobe review

Review by Mark Evans -Sport Diver Magazine:

“Ever got tired of trying to get changed out of your wet kit while sheltering from the weather – and any viewing public – under a sodden towel, or putting your coat on over your wetsuit to stay warm and soakingit through in the process? That’s where the innovative Dryrobe comes in.

The Dryrobe features a waterproof outer shell with asuper-soft lining which is designed to dry and warm you, and believe me, it certainly does that. Even following the longest, chilliest dive imaginable, a few minutesafter donning this massively oversized jacket, you will be basking in a warm glow. It will certainly be getting a workout in February when we head off to the bitterly

cold waters of Gildenburgh for the group regulator tests…

But this isn’t just simply a giant waterproof with a furry lining. It has been well thought-out by the designers, and so you get a full-length two-way zipper, which makes it easy to get on and off, but all offers lots of convenience – when you are getting changed out of your wetsuit and into your dry clothes, being able to slide the zipper up from the bottom really helps with accessibility.

There are also two external hand-warming pockets, which are simply a joy to use on a cold day, plus internally, a large storage pocket, and a zip-entry wallet/MP3 pocket.

Sport diver Magazine - Dryrobe

Sport diver Magazine Review pictures of dryrobe Advance

Best of all, it is fully machine-washable, so when you return from a day out on or under the water, you can just bung it into the washer and know it will be fresh and clean for your next outing. It weighs in at under 1.4kg, so won’t clobber your weight limit if you decide to take it with you on a foreign trip, and comes in a range of sizes and colour schemes. It isn’t cheap, but it works wonders, and should be in every divers’ – or outdoor enthusiasts’ – kitbag.”

Mark Evans -Sport Diver Magazine