So time to give away a dryrobe. Start of the swim season & coming up to what is our busiest time of the year, summer! That’s right! I was amazed looking at the figures for last year but then I see it makes sense. I have to admit I had the dryrobe Advance in the car all year round last year. I used it on cold mornings or evenings & the only time I used the towel change robe was when it was hot & sunny. No point in feeling the cold when you don’t have to & it feels good to get warm as soon as possible. So onto the give away itself. Trying something new. I have always been a huge twitter fan myself & getting into instagram a bit heavily lately too, so this time the comp runs across all social media platform we use. you can enter it 7 ways. like, follow, comment, what ever suits you best. Also you can have multiple entries.

The comp will end in 10 days and there are only 197 entries so far so you’re in with a good chance. Prize is a Dryrobe Advance. The World’s warmest & most highly spec’d change robe. (RRP £94.99) Here’s the link. Click it & enter, you never know.. Good luck!

Win a FREE Dryrobe® Advance

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