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It’s not only the surf scene that we here at that Dryrobe have been keeping warm with this winter, you can also spot Dryrobes keeping a number of athletes warm over the past few months. We are getting involved in all kinds of cold water sports, and have been really busy working with various magazines across the disciplines.


We have been featured in a bunch of magazines recently as everyone gears up for the festive season and starts looking for gifts for the athlete in their lives. You can see our Dryrobe Advance in all it’s glory as part of the clothing and accessories section of Kitesurf Magazine’s Christmas gift ideas. Not only are we on Kitesurf’s Christmas list for Santa, but we also spotted the Dryrobe advance hanging out amongst the like of Procella Tees and Mystic’s Global Jacket in Windsurf Magazine’s festive gift ideas.

In preparation for prime Dryrobe season, we also have a few adverts running in our favourite water sports publications. You can currently catch us in H2Open, open water swimming magazine, where as well as our own advert we spotted the awesome Kari Schibevaag, Pro Kitesurfer and Dryrobe ambassador, rocking her Dryrobe as part of the Mailsports advert.


H2OpenKari can also be seen in our advert in the current issue of Kitesurf magazine. Not only is she featured in the magazine with us, but you can also read about, and see some epic shots of Kari on a trip to Galicia, northern Spain. Kari isn’t the only athlete starring in our adverts this month, in Windsurf magazine you can see pro windsurfer Steve Thorp powering into the lip in our Dryrobe collage.



Not only are we excited to be featured in these UK publications, but it seems that word of the Dryrobe has spread across the pond as well. Swimmer Magazine, the official magazine of U.S Masters swimming, features the Dryrobe Advance in their report on comparing the best ‘swim parkas’ available. They describe a key benefit of our Dryrobe being that “we could change in the parking lot without getting cold (or arrested).” Brilliant, we keep forgetting to mention the avoidance of getting arrested for indecent exposure in our advertisements.