dryrobe trip to Baja

dryrobe trip to Baja

Barry Mottershead and his girlfriend decided to travel to Baja and tour the coastline in kayaks. 

They explored some beautiful stretches of coastline that were accessible only by boat, coming ashore in the evenings to camp. A friend supported them from land with a 4x4, but they were on their own for the most part - kayaking and surfing their way around some amazingly beautiful coastline. They packed some dryrobes to take along for the evening chill. 

Barry Mottershaw - Baja Mission #dryrobe

surf Baja trip - dryrobe

mission to Baja #dryrobeterritory

Baja evening chill with dryrobe

Baja trip #dryrobeterritory

Here's the video from their trip... be warned though; it will make you want to pack up and go.

Niebla from Peter Clyne - Outer Cells on Vimeo.

Barry was able to research his entire route using Google Earth.  These days it's hard to get truly away from civilisation, people seem to be everywhere - but with this trip Barry really managed it.

Washing plates in rock pools and hunting for firewood, far away from convenience stores and hotels. The photos are stunning and a far cry from the crowded line-ups we are all getting used to here.

Yep, it makes you want to get away.

kayak - surf - Baja - dryrobe



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