Have You Seen Olivier Morin's Photos?

Have You Seen Olivier Morin's Photos?

French photographer Olivier Morin had a brush with fame a couple of years ago when he took a truly iconic photo of Usain Bolt running with a bolt of lightning behind him. But here at dryrobe, he's known for some quite different photographs.

Olivier Morin Portrait Norway #dryrobe

We're really proud to have had Olivier take some amazing photos of dryrobes; his style and ability to capture a feeling fit exactly with our ethic. As well as this, he's also been posting some fantastic shots of surfers lately.  Check out his Instagram feed to see just how great his photos are and you'll understand why we're so chuffed to have him taking our photos.

Santa Sup Paddle Boarder #dryrobe

Triathlete Lake Jetty #dryrobe

Surfer Snow Norway #dryrobe

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