10 tips for girls learning to surf

Blog - 10 tips for girls learning to surf

10 tips for girls learning to surf

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Want to get into surfing but not sure where to start? dryrobe ambassador and British Women’s Surf Champ Lucy Campbell shares her advice for girls looking to get out there in the water for the first time.


Having grown up with the beach on her doorstep, Lucy has been surfing since she was 10 and is now a pro surfer on the WSL Women’s Qualifying Series, a multiple English and British Women’s surf champion and has represented her country in competitions around the world.

Pro surfer Lucy Cambell running into the sea with her surf board

Here are Lucy’s top 10 tips for beginners:

1. Go for it! 
I would recommend going with an instructor at least once, to learn a good paddling and pop up technique - as well as how to keep safe in the water. 

2. Get the right board
Start on a bigger board for your first few surfs. This will be more stable and help you to perfect getting you to your feet faster. 

British Women's Surf Champion Lucy Campbell Surfing

3. Stay safe
Always surf in the lifeguarded area - between the black and white checkered flags.

4. Use your fingertips
Technique wise - after teaching beginners for a few years the biggest tip I can give you is to leave your fingertips on the board while you get your feet in the right position. This gives you extra balance and when you come up your feet will be in the right spot so the board will be more stable.

WSL Pro Women's Surfer Lucy Campbell riding a wave

5. Look towards the beach (not at your feet!)
Your head is the heaviest part of your body, wherever your head goes you will! 

6. Bend at the knees, not the hips
When you are standing make sure you bend at the knees not the hips - you want your head, butt and feet in a straight line over each other, so that your weight is all in the centre of the board.

Lucy Campbell leading a surf lesson with the Wave Wahines

7. Move your weight around
Once you’ve got the hang of the pop up and you are going along test moving your weight/ feet around a little to the left, right back and forward and get a feel for turning the board. 

8. Practice at home
Once you know how it's done you can practice your pop ups at home - just use a line on a wood/tiled floor, lie down with the line going down the middle of your body, pop up and make sure your feet are landing on this line in the ‘middle of the board’

Pro surfer Lucy Campbell teaching girls to surf

9. Get out there with your buddies
Go with friends or family, it's always more fun with other people (and you can laugh at each other falling in!)

10. Embrace the wipeouts 
Getting salty water up your nose is all part of the fun! 

And remember, the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun! 

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