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*Packs to approx 30cm length & 20 cm wide & 8-10 cm high. depending on tightness of straps. Bag Capacity 30 Ltr.

Simply stuff the dryrobe in the bag, hood first, rollover & clip the top, undo the valve, squash all of the air out by kneeling on the dryrobe, (or using a vacuum cleaner), then pull the compression straps tight & re-seal the valve.

Removing the air allows the straps. The bag is not designed to be air tight or submersible, air will slowly re-enter the bag but it will remain extremely compact.

This really works!

Made from a robust waterproof nylon fabric with sealed seams throughout and a padded shoulder carry strap.

Perfect for travel & packing dryrobe in a larger travel bag to save space

Highly water resistant, *Not submersible.

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      dryrobe compression travel bag

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      dryrobe® compression travel bag - The ultimate way to compress the warmest change robe in the World into the smallest size to travel.

      Now you can easily pack your dryrobe for any flight or trip where space is limited.

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