dryrobe Size Chart

dryrobe® is not your average fit. It works best being oversize. Yes it feels odd at first but please see some of the pics on social media & you will see what we mean. 


dryrobe size chart new

Short Sleeve dryrobe

in reality more of a 3/4 length - mid length depending on your height.

Our original one size fits all (nearly all) is our best selling size - this is probably the one you see wrapped around most athletes & outdoor enthusiasts.

The sleeve design means that the shorter you are the longer the sleeve length. At a height of  5'1” (1.55m), the sleeve will end close to the cuff or wrist. At a height of 6’3" (1.9m), the sleeve end just over the elbow. Obviously the heights in between, the sleeve length will simply fall where it falls. Sleeves can easily be rolled up or down to suit desired fit. (see photo above). All function perfectly for the purpose.


X SMALL - AGE 5-9 UP TO 4’ 5.

Length 80cm long from shoulder to hem.  70cm wide. 

SMALL - AGE 7-16 or SMALL ADULT 4’ 5 UP TO 5’2.

Length 90cm long from shoulder to hem.  75cm wide.

MEDIUM - From 5'1 UP TO 6'0 

Length 1.1m long from shoulder to hem.  80cm wide.

LARGE (Our original one size fits nearly all - best selling size)

From 5'1 UP TO 6’3. (see info above) Length 1.2m long from shoulder to hem.  84cm wide.

EXTRA LARGE - Up to - 6’8 (Only for the much WIDER OR TALLER person!)   

Length 1.4m long from shoulder to hem.  95 cm wide.





Long Sleeve dryrobe

The fit is more relevant due only to the sleeve lengths.

SMALL -  Suitable for children or adults. 4’ 5 up to 5’2 height.

MEDIUM - From 5'2" up to 5'10.

Length1.2m long from shoulder. 82cm wide .

LARGE From 5'5" up to 6'4"  (If in this height range this is probably the one for you).

Length 1.2m long from shoulder. 84cm wide. 

EXTRA LARGE - Up to - 6’8 (Only for the much WIDER OR TALLER person!)

Length 1.4m long from shoulder. 95cm wide.


dryrobe sizes


Image shows: Short sleeve design : Small size on left, (model 5'5') Large size on right. (model 5'8") 

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