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The Worlds most advanced outdoor change robe. #fact #dryrobe

Our Best Selling premium outdoor change robe™. The Dryrobe® Advance. Tri Series. The all weather change robe, featuring the essential chunky YKK® Zip front, external pockets, large internal storage pocket AND MP3 player pocket!, 100% Waterproof & windproof outer shell fabric. The warmest change robe on the planet!


Cold weather conditions present unique challenges. Large heat losses can have a detrimental impact on your performance. Your body will use valuable energy trying to stay warm. The Dryrobe Advance allows you to preserve this energy and maintain a healthy core temperature before, after and between transitions in your contest with full-body protection from the elements.


You can now wait to compete without feeling the cold & wasting energy. You can listen to your music while wearing your dryrobe too using the MP3 pocket on the inside to get yourself ready to compete. Additional storage pocket on the inside and warm fleece lined external pockets to keep your hands warm and carry your essentials.



Why is Dryrobe the Worlds best outdoor change robe.

The Research & Development

The research that has gone into this product has produced a change robe that is far superior to any other products on the market. Developed with the help and insight of some of the UK's leading surf, triathlon, swim and cycle coaches.

Here some of the many reasons why people choose dryrobe.


Dryrobe is all about warmth. Staying warm while changing outdoors or standing around in the harshest of elements.

We had to think about putting this information out there, but our confidence in continued innovation along with the fact that we have protected our designs from imitation, means that we feel the following information will help many trying to decide what product might best suit them.

We made huge inroads into the triathlon market in the last few years with team GB (Brownlee brothers included) wearing dryrobes at the ITU grand final and also many of the UK's top pro surfers wearing dryrobes through the winter which has gained us great exposure and raised our profile in the UK and overseas. Our dryrobes are used now in a huge number of outdoor sports involving including Surfing, Open Water Swimming, OCR, Mountain Biking, Diving, Running, Triathlons and so many more. We really are amazed with the vast variety of sports we have found our products used for.

Once you have a dryrobe you will not believe how many times you will use it. Just look at our reviews to see what we mean.

So what are the features that make it the world's most versatile outdoor change robe?

1. 100% Waterproof outer shell fabric:

The outer shell fabric is 100%water proof and completely windproof. With minimal double stitched seams. All the dryrobe® Advance seams are heat sealed.

2. Full length zip front:

We use a super strong chunky YKK Zipper.
Fast & easy entry & exit also you can simply wrap it around you & take it on or off easily. it is a very important point.

3. The dryrobe Moisture control lining:

dryrobe uses a synthetic Lambswool which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm. It does not absorb but wicks water off skin, so you can put it on a wet wetsuit & it wont get wet as it does not absorb water, then when you take the wetsuit off inside the dryrobe, or as soon as it touches wet skin, it will warm you by wicking any moisture away from the skin into the heat insulating pile of the lining & remove the moisture through the natural venting due to the garments construction. It NEVER feels cold against the skin even after repeated use throughout the day & Is super fast drying in ambient room temperature & outdoors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Toweling is the worst fabric you can put on a cold wet person if you are trying to get them warm. You should never stand around in a towel robe outdoors if you are cold. The toweling absorbs water & keeps it close to your skin, combine this with a breeze & you are cooling down very quickly. They are great for drying yourself but get covered up after use if you are feeling cold or better yet use a dryrobe advance to avoid this altogether!

Innovative design

We have a long sleeve version which will suit users who want a more conventional look & intend to stand around in the dryrobe for long periods of time.

Our short, mid -3/4 length, sleeve design is a massive improvement to the more conventional, old style, square shape robe which provides no warmth for the arms & allows wind & cold air into the change space.The unique designs provide simple entry and exit of your arms whilst changing & the sleeve covers the opening when your arms are inside. This protects from the wind chill and rain. Once you are changed and your hands are buried in the deep outer 'warm lined' pockets your arms are almost completely covered too (for women it also stops you accidentally flashing your chest to the world).
The whole garment is made from one huge sheet of fabric, then the hood is added to keep the seams to a minimum & maximise strength & waterproofing. No shoulder seams!
This thing is one tough bit of kit, designed to last.


Please Check our reviews on our website, Facebook, Amazon, magic seaweed etc & search online to check.
Team GB kit for Swim, Kayak & triathlon.
Used by RLSS & great swim series (Europes biggest) for water safety crew.
Surfers: Andrew Cotton Alan stokes, Oli Adams, Taz knight, Lucy Campbell & more.
Speak to they people who have used them on social media.

Honestly there is no comparison. Try them out on a cold day.
Dryrobe is the Warmest most advanced & versatile change robe in the world. #fact


The World's most versatile & high spec change robe.




Simply the warmest & best change robe you can buy.


Features & benefits

Three sizes available
ADULT Size : Length : 1.2m long from shoulder body change space 84cm wide, The Adult size suits 5'1" up to 6'3"
SMALL DRYROBE: Size : Length : 900cm long from shoulder body change space 75cm wide. (Suitable from age 8-15 & small adults up to 5'2 approx).
XL DRYROBE Size : Length : 1.4m long from shoulder body change space 95cm wide to suit 6'3" & Oversize.
Waterproof outer shell
100% Waterproof & windproof outer shell fabric with sealed seams. One piece body construction with no shoulder seams.
Super warm lining
When conventional toweling gets wet it takes an age to dry and feels wet against your skin, throw in some wind chill and you'll know all about it.
Our Lining is a synthetic Lambswool which draws the water away from your skin in to the pile of the lining fabric, drying you instantly, insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm.
The breathable outer shell & venting through our garment ensures any moisture evaporates away quickly.
We DO NOT use micro-fire or towel lining in our outdoor dryrobe products as they absorb water & require way too long to dry resulting in that slippy & damp feel.
Our lining dries in ambient room temperature & will always feel warm against the skin.
Full length 2 way reversible YKK® zip
You can operate the zip from inside the robe, while changing, or from the outside, as normal. This is an essential element in the design so as to allow fast easy entry & exit. There is much more to know about the zip (CLICK HERE)
Sealed seams
All the seams on the dry robe advance are sealed. this, along with the minimal seam design ensure the best protection possible from the elements.
External, soft lined, pockets
The dry robe advance has deep 'soft lined' pockets to keep your hands warm & store your stuff in too.
Internal 'poacher' pocket
A huge 'A4' size internal 'soft lined pocket for storing underwear, clothing or thermal base layers.
Internal zip entry iPod, MP3 / wallet pocket
The inside chest pocket can safely store your valuable items and zip the sealed in a '2 way waterproof' pockets. can't get wet from the outside or from the inside (if you are wet or in a wetsuit).
Super light construction
The lightweight materials used & design ensure that the dryrobe advance is surprisingly light. At only 1.3kg It can be packed down small into a compression sac, or carried anywhere easily.
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