dryrobe will transform the whole experience. It’s designed to stand the wear and tear of active, outdoor lifestyles.


dryrobe was originally designed for getting changed in cold climates for surfing. It's used by pro surfers and recreational surfers Worldwide and is seen as an essential piece of kit for cold water surfing.



Open water swimming has grown massively in popularity in recent years. Whether you are swimming in the sea, lakes or rivers, a dryrobe will be the best bit of equipment you can have to improve your experience.


Obstacle Course Racing

OCR tests mental and physical endurance. It combines trail running, mud, water and climbing obstacles. dryrobe is used by the best in the business and we partner with the World's leading OCR brands.



dryrobe revolutionised cold climate climate changing, making your time outside and on the water even better. Used by racers, endurance and recreational paddlers all over the world. 



dryrobe is the perfect camping accessory. Whether it's watching sunsets in the evening, an early morning trip to the shower block or sitting outside by the camp fire - dryrobe has got you covered.



Whether you're riding behind the boat or at your local cable park - dryrobe keeps you warm, dry and ready to perform at your best between sets. Used across the globe by some of the best in the business.



Since being seen on the backs of some of the world's top triathletes, dryrobe has become a familiar sight in the triathlon community. Keeping warm before and after races has never been easier.


Mountain Biking

Whether you are traveling and competing in endurance MTB events, keeping warm ahead of your downhill run or just changing in public places. dryrobe is an essential bit of kit to have to hand. Just ask the Pros that use it!



Preparation and recovery are key to maximising your performance. dryrobe is used by Team GB and some of the World's best marathon, endurance, cross country and trail runners for precisely these reasons.


Touchline Sports

Hanging about on the touchline for football, rugby, netball, hockey or simply changing in sports fields and car parks is not the best part of participating in your sport. dryrobe removes the pain of changing in public and keeps you warm and protected while you are waiting to start or after you finish.

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